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I'm a transdomme interested in dominating women who are bi femme. - San Jose

Message Author: Transdominatrix4biwomen

Message Date: Nov. 21, 2019 at 08:45


Having been a trans sub, the interests I have as a domme are different from those of a male Dom. I do not obtain my dominance from masculinity, but am interested in my feminine power. I am open to the idea of using a phallus, but prefer using a strapon as I never used my phallus sexually and have never developed a taste for having masculine power. I am associated with goth for those seeking the darkness of what I am. I have never had an operation on my genitals, implanted breasts, implanted hips and buttocks, or taken hormones. I have become skilled, without a phallus, in domination, having been caused to seize power from submission after I looked into the eyes of an angel. In my unaltered still visible male form, I am considered to have masculine beauty. I am considered to be extremely, abnormally handsome. Those I know urged me to become a model because of the shape of my face and body. I am just under 5' 11". For those more interested in femininity, I may possess too masculine an appearance, but with my small arms, small head, and being only somewhat tall (I'm something of a late bloomer and so am still not fully grown yet and look adolescent. I suppose my appearance is as a male that of an extremely handsome adolescent. I have been described as being cherubic or godlike in my facial features. I will come down as a dark cherub to bring pain and pleasure.

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