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Looking for love - Orange Park, FL

Message Author: Tarique.Jones12

Message Date: Apr. 20, 2018 at 02:18


I am looking for a long term - loving relationship with a woman who is accepting of my children. Sadly, I seem to have trouble finding a woman who is interested in dating a single parent. I have seven children and they do live with me. Roger is 13 - he's the oldest, and the twins, Ronny and Ryan are 6 year old twins. I must confess that they are all boys so there is a lot of testosterone around.

I can't understand why the double standard, men date women with children and they never seem to have any problem with it. But, when I mention that I have a few boys to look after the women go running for the hills.
It's not like I have a bunch of rabid dogs - the boys are all housebroken and none of them ever shits on the carpet anymore.

So if you are an open minded woman who loves children and is accepting of a single parent, please, let's meet for a couple of drinks.

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