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Do you think I'm a pervert because I like white panties? - Scottsdale, AZ

Message Author: Commuter257

Message Date: Apr. 21, 2018 at 17:22


You tell me... Am I a pervert?
My friends say I am and I don't know if they are just fucking with me or if they really think I'm a perv.

The thing is that I have a thing for white panties. I mean I think that they are the sexiest thing on the planet and even when I think about white panties I instantly get an erection.
So you're saying no thats not such a perverted thing - having a fantasy about chicks in their panties is pretty normal - right?
Here's the part that may cross the line into pervert territory. I don't just fantasize about women wearing white panties, I also get turned on touching them when there arn't women in the room. For example, I'll go to walmart and touch the panties. I have even stolen panties off of clotheslines in my neighbourhood. I'm so obsessed that I grabbed some white granny panties of a clothesline once.
So what do you think? Am I a pervert? Should I be seeking help?
Oh I also buy panties online all the time. I have several dozen shoe boxes full of them. I hope my wife doesn't find out.

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