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God will strike you down Lululemon - Mobile Alabama

Message Author: YogaPantsPolice

Message Date: Apr. 23, 2018 at 15:25


It has come to my attention that those black "yoga pants" that you see everywhere are called Lululemon and they are a blight on God's earth.

Not long ago women wore respectable clothing like slacks and long dresses but now all the women are wearing lululemon pants where their bottoms and thighs are completely visible for anyone to see. I was out the other day and a woman was showing off the lips of her private parts thru her pants. I went directly to the church to pray for her.

My son came home with a girl wearing those sinful things and I forced him to sit in a cold shower for a whole hour to wash off his lustful thoughts.

Thankyou for listening and I pray for those young women.

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