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Single Dad loves three teenage girls - Bedford, OH

Message Author: Combodad

Message Date: Apr. 24, 2018 at 18:03


Hello Lades :)

I am ready to start meeting new people and dating again. I was married but that didn't work out so it's time to get back to courting.

Unfortunately, I seem to have trouble finding a woman who is interested in dating a single parent. I have three teen aged girls that live with me. They are good kids and I think most women would be happy to be around them.

But I think that most single women in their 40's either already have kids and don't want to be bothered with someone else's teenagers. Or, some women of that age have never had kids and have zero interest in meeting a guy with teenagers. They just skipped past the parenting part of life.

In any case. If you are a single woman who will accept me and the teenage girls that I love, please do get in contact.

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