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It's difficult meeting girls when they have earphones in. - Athens, GA

Message Author: Dirtman0123

Message Date: Apr. 30, 2018 at 07:49


I would like to meet a nice college girl. I am a student and when I am on campus I have a difficult time meeting girls.

The problem is that most girls at school are either in a big group where it is really intimidating to talk to them, or they are by themselves and they have their earbuds in their ears.

You hear girls complain that they never meet nice guys but what do they think it says about their interest in meeting a guy if they have their earphones in all the time?

I'm not a shy guy and I am not a dick either so I wouldn't interrupt a girl if she is listening to her tunes. So how do you find girls on campus that are willing and able to have a conversation?

Please, send me a effing clue.

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